How do poor people see the world?

This topic is always synonymous with sadness, however what for a rich person is difficult, for a poor person it may not be so. We know that poverty is the lack of economic resources, not having food, clothing, footwear, a hot and dry roof where to sleep, medical care and education, among many other things.


As I mentioned, there is a great need in society, where resources do not come easily and nowadays there are so many frauds that take what little by right would correspond to the most needy people. The reasons why there is hunger in the world are many and it is not in this article my intention to expose it.

A poor person sees all people as a possibility, is clumsy to acquire the basics because over time, the need to diminished their self-esteem, their dreams and only resigned to survive and like the lions, they sleep to economize energy, when we see people in need, we run the risk that said person does not accept our help; This happens because she does not realize how many shortcomings she has.

Can you imagine that all the people saw you as a burden ?, that for lack of basic services your smell was so strong that nobody wanted to be near you. What would happen if your dirty and old clothes did not let see the great person that is in you. If they saw you with fear, disgust, disdain, anger. Judging as if you were in that situation of your own free will.

Everyone at some point in our lives should help as I am sure that you yourself have received help, reflecting that there are many people who are struggling daily not to be in an unfavorable situation, there are people who have the fortune of being successful and rich even by their own media; I congratulate you from the heart. I would like to refer to 90% of the population that work and live a day. We must lose our fear of poverty and embrace our shortcomings with confidence. I am sure that there are countless solutions to solve poverty and especially to help those in need. There are always people with more shortages than us, so to work is time to help and is for everyone.

With regard to obtaining resources there are many things that can help to get out of poverty, we must always work hard and not give up before the problems, which in the end are opportunities that motivate us to get the best out of us.

I hope this reflection motivates you in some way. I wish you blessings for you and yours.


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.