Are there ghosts?

The ghosts a controversial issue, unknown to many, hard to believe and above all almost impossible to verify, there are some cases that surpass our understanding and is that ghosts make us feel two things at once, fear and attraction and the question comes There are ghosts? a person who has not had any extrasensory experience could clearly state that these are phenomena that have an explanation and that most come from the imagination.



The ghost casters who do everything to capture images or videos of sightings. A point against is the digital technology that makes it possible to do anything that is desired and that in the eyes of the viewers seems real.


The ghosts, energy or demons exist in history from the beginning, what we can do to know if there is a ghost close to us is to pay attention to our instincts, because our body warns us wisely even of what we can not see, hear or play; When you go through a place where there is a presence, the first thing you will feel is your skin that gets bristly, the fries of the hair, a pressure on the nape of the neck, a sudden headache, your ears will suffuse, you will feel exasperating tiredness, the feeling of being observed, extreme cold, foul smell, you can not conciliate the dreams feeling any of the symptoms before sleeping, feel when something touches you, hear a supernatural voice, in the most extreme cases: see the presence, talk to her, be possessed, levitate among many other things that can happen and that is why I offer you five tips to protect you.


Five tips to expel an entity from your life?

1.- Avoid for a time drugs, pornography, violent music, curse.

2.- Connect with your source, your God whatever your religion asks for its strength and protection.

3.- Illuminate and ventilate the house or place to be treated, wash it at depth.

4.- Keep things that come from an unknown source away from your house that transmit something negative to you.

5.- We all have the faculty to dismiss entities, we just need to thank and dismiss with authority. Any evil remembers that water is a purification that is your tool.

In the end, you decide what you want to believe.

I wish you blessings for you and yours …




Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.