Why do Hispanics emigrate to the United States?

A topic that is somewhat sensitive for many and annoying for others, the migration has been going on for more than 70,000 years and it is still ongoing as human beings like to know the world around us and we look for opportunities to be better and to see a better future for you and your family. Migration problems begin when ideals are mixed and differences arise, however it is not my intention to go deeper into this than necessary.

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The Hispanics and Portuguese of the American continent persist to the United States as the maximum opportunity to live in a better way in a short time, something like taking out the lottery and overcoming a poverty, problems or simply traveling and living the experience.

There are many myths about Hispanics, about their badness and about all the bad things that they bring with them, I think a little clarity will help.

Most of the Hispanics and Portuguese of the American continent grew up in a corrupt, violent society and where the people do not enjoy a fair economic equity, dominated by religious beliefs, fear and inequality, they have been submissive and by entering into an ideology cosmopolitan their growth allows them to evolve their reality in a way difficult for many to digest.

Together the media allow us to see the Hollywood movies, books, videos and more where this admiration is increased, it is a parallel, opposite reality; This motivates the emigrants to take the risk of visiting the United States legally for the middle class and illegal for the lower class. Most visas cost resources that many will not be able to buy.

They are survivors and they learn to reinvent themselves in every moment, in every society, there are good and bad people however the best way to take advantage of people is to give them the opportunity to be better because it is the only way to change lives.

There are countless Latin Americans who live in the United States and are Hispanics who do not help their compatriots. On the contrary, they take advantage of the enormous gap that exists between the English-speaking Statesmen and the newcomers. The important thing is not to remove or invade, is to respect and in turn learn to have a better economy in the entire American continent in order to be friends and not invaders.

For now, I conclude this topic that has a lot to say on its own, I only know that if you fall from the sky, lemons learn to sell them and you will become richer.

I wish you the best for you and yours …


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.