Before, having children

For those who have not lived that experience, having a child is one of the greatest projects that a human being can aspire to since it is the continuation of his legacy and although the children will have different thoughts in the end, the values will always accompany them if you act is the right they will understand you at some point in life.

When your time comes you should think about being like birds, if you have ever thought about having a child or adopt an @, you should take into account preparing the nest where you will live, twig by twig.

How will you solve so that nothing lacks? Who will take care of it when you are working? What will it be called? When you are ready you will know, a prayer is not over for everything to go well, go with a doctor before and throughout the pregnancy.

Men take care before enjendrar taking folic acid and avoiding toxic substances such as drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, it is important for everything to go well.

Avoid buying too many clothes only necessary for the baby and neutral colors can be this because nothing is safe until the baby is born there are cases where the baby was thought to be a girl and was a child at the end.

Finally no one is born taught to be a father or mother, however it is worth living the best experience, thanks for reading.

Blessings for you and yours..


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.