Are you jealous? 5 steps to overcome it

Everyone at some point had jealousy for someone or something that we considered as ours and was snatched, to spend time and internally, practically anonymous live the inserted mixed with the fear of losing what we appreciate is something psychological and instinctive to the time.

Gradually that feeling goes drilling in our head with creative ideas, paranoia, and anger.

We do not realize when our life becomes a sad life and we begin to close ourselves off from the world.

If we do not act properly by changing what is in us, it will be difficult to maintain a relationship in addition to the damage you will cause in yourself.

Health is a factor that we must take care of, day to day stress plus the one we generate for work, problems among other things are causes of health problems that deteriorate our vitality.

Then 5 steps to get rid of jealousy:

1. You must analyze yourself and be aware that you are jealous, self-analyze the most daily factors that bother you this in order to know where to start.

2. You should seek help from a professional, psychological help to support you in the process of release.

3. Work in the way you like yourself, you have an armchair, arrange more, take a spa, perform recreational activities among many other things, in order to make love changes for you, believe me that will help a lot.

4. Talk with your partner how you feel about it, being aware that it is a feeling of your own.

5. Always meditate on how you would like to be treated, value what you have and I mean everything, keep going I am sure you will overcome it.

I wish you luck in your life, follow my post. Thank you


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.