How to be more effective in 21 days!

As many know the time of change of a habit and just take this time 21 days in which any goal that you propose can have great results if you put all your effort to achieve it.

Zen au travail

I gave myself the task of writing about how to be more effective at work since many people live the daily stress because they do not complete their tasks and therefore this seriously mitigates their health in a silent way.

First I would like to clarify the definition of what is stress?

This concept comes from the English term stress and is associated with the state that occurs from events that generate anxiety or anguish. When a subject receives demands that are excessive, begin to feel anxiety and experience various symptoms.


What stress levels are handled?

Acute: short term. It happens after tensions that belong to the recent past and the near future, this means that it is exciting for the person, but the abuse of it can be dangerous due to the wear it produces. An example of an acute stress trigger could be a simple car accident that breaks the car. The discomfort will remain for a short time.
Episodic acute: this is the acute stress explained above, but that is repeatedly posed in the person’s life. In general, the type of people affected by this stress is usually disordered, so they are always in a hurry. The cardiac is the main health conflict. Sometimes, pessimistic people suffer from this stress.


What is the definition of effectiveness?
1. f. Ability to achieve the desired or expected effect.

Royal Spanish Academy © All rights reserved

Now, to continue being more effective, it is necessary to learn five basic precepts to be more productive and, therefore, more effective.

Planning your activities is essential to achieve success. If you do not make a daily plan for your activities, you will hardly achieve your goals without suffering stress. (write down all the activities you should do and then organize them by priorities, once the order of importance is identified, plan the schedule to achieve it).
It is important that you start a well-fed day, that you have rested correctly, always drive 20 minutes before your departure and each activity, so that you always have the right time to avoid the stress of transit, arrival, meeting, food, to pick up the children, to finish the report, among many other activities.
It is important that you get out of your way to people who steal your time, repetitive activities that can run automatically, avoid the thieves of time.
A healthy mind in the healthy body, it is important that every day practice the good habit of reading and exercising, this helps to increase the energy efficiency and the feeling of satisfaction.
Last but not least, before committing to a project or task, it is important that you measure your resources well, it always takes more time than necessary to absorb the last-minute contingencies (such as when the Internet, the light, the paper the printer, the cell phone is unloaded, a tire is crossed out among other possible contingencies).
Remember that health is the most important and that we must have a defiant attitude before obstacles, always taking care of our mental and physical health.

I hope you liked this publication and I appreciate your visit to my blog.

I wish you success!


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.