Do you want to be happy, you must learn what happiness is?

What is happiness?

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the definition of happiness is:

f, state of pleasurable spiritual and physical satisfaction.
f, Absence of inconveniences or stumbles. Travel with happiness.


We all have different concepts of what happiness means, emotions that generate joy, make our life more pleasant, happier.



To learn to be happy is important to know what happiness is in essence, beyond feelings, happiness comes from doing things that fill our soul, no matter if this lasts. The most important thing is that when we feel it, a cycle ends and it begins. other.

Filling our life with amenities can make us enjoy many experiences; however, for less unfortunate people, limits do not have to go beyond the natural.
Finding the full satisfaction of our existence is the primordial premise of every human being, it is everyone’s duty to find happiness without physically harming other people.

The truth about happiness is that we must first eliminate the brainwashing that media advertising has bombarded us for decades telling us what is beautiful, what is good, what we want and what society believes in something and find the root of our being , to achieve it is good to walk in a place in contact with nature that helps to clear the mind, relax and find an autonomous balance in our being that produces excessive satisfaction.

Meditate on us, on what we are, we want and we walk always aware of the present that gradually helps us to be happier that problems can be digested in the best way if we are calm to receive them with courage and serenity.

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Meditate daily for at least 10 minutes, breathe deeply and appreciate what we have may be the beginning of a 360 ° turn in our lives.

Happiness can be only a small moment that can motivate us a whole life, continue on that path with pleasure and dedication.

There are many things that make your day happy by listening to music, watching a movie, talking to a loved one or friend, meeting an event, walking with your pet, exercising, reading a good book, working on what you like, taking a bath, eat, play what you like, make love with your partner, write, help people around you, pray, meditate, sleep, walk in the rain, climb a mountain, play a little sport, cook, build, organize, study, draw, take a coffee, travel among many things that make it worthwhile to live life in the best way.

If one day you feel depressed you can do the things that you like, that will help you a lot to get out of the state of depression that you can feel in your person.
I wish you to find happiness, regardless of the time or the way you find it, you must preserve and continue to harvest constantly.

Success in your life!

Oscar Garibay


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.