How to live without a cell phone?

Today it seems crazy to spend a lot of time without a cell, I remember that when cell phone technology was not as popular and was much less available to everyone as it is today, the very wealthy could bring that technology, I remember the first cell phones I bought were huge and did not touch, I talked to the audience and the people around me looked at me with admiration. Life was as we know it now only that time is spent on other things and in the good truth all the improvements that benefit humanity are well received. Remote communication enhanced cell phones my question.

What happened to face-to-face communication?

For example, a couple of times I have left a mechanical failure, the phone has allowed me to ask for help and avoid walking kilometers at night in search of a place that offers me the service.

The benefits are not only oral, they are also written and the applications are so useful that they make the work of many hours be summarized in a few seconds.

Now, these tools can make you more productive, manage time, collect and send information, photos, videos and more.

However, when you need to find peace to think that I am sure it is best to take a few minutes alone with you and away from the mobile phone, we must be prepared to live with or without a cell phone and be happy in what whether we find more convenient, always free of everything that binds us or limits us to use our brain, so we remember what they say about television, so it does not allow us to use our brain and its various functions.

New technologies will come. I am safe and we must maintain the most valuable thing we have, our humanity, charisma, communication and empathy for the people around us.

I hope we learn to live in a free world and this also refers to the links that technology offers.

Because today is everything, I wish you success and good luck.


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.