What happens if I play the Quija?

Today shares with my readers a little information about the game of the Quija was patented in 1980 by Elijah J. Bond, it was said to be of Egyptian origin however it is believed to be marketing to give it more mysticism, for decades it has been the medium for which many people seek to make contact with beings already deceased, it is not known with whom or the beings achieved the contact however many claims that it is a dangerous game.

Thanks to movies, urban legends, the mystery has been detonated and has become a world famous game. Nowadays, Quijas is sold in many places, even in shopping centers, and it is so accessible that anyone over 14, can buy it.

Why is it so accessible? There are a lot of documents that talk about possible paranormal events that are events that the participants had before they played the game.

It is not about living in fear of something happening because the creature is difficult to achieve, however, we must be careful with things we do not know, there may be portals that have been seen and that have not been closed again.

All the negative stories of playing with the Quija are derived from not following some simple rules, what can be compared with these same ones to play with this mysterious artifact and not suffer the consequences:

  • Always play with another person more than two people and less than eight is the main rule.
  • The environment should be calm and avoid distractions.
  • You must make a welcome when you must affirm only receive spirits of good.
  • Put the belongings near the table of the person you wish to contact.
  • While playing, the participants only play with the fingertips and the absence running freely.
  • When finished, ask the questions you should dismiss saying goodbye on the board.

It is the criterion of each of the games or not of the Quija, however, it is careful, because not everything that shines is gold, nor everything that seems certain is true.

I wish you success.


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.