Teresa of Calcutta: Walking with God

A positive vision of the world is the principle to change our environment # 4.

The path we choose must have a purpose, which is based on truth, love, life.

The following article is about someone to my perception really, determined and with a unique delivery. I am talking about Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, better known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Difficult to improve what is already so perfect, it only remains with respect to follow his steps with my words.


Mother Teresa of Calcutta born on August 26, 1910, in Uskup Ottoman Empire. Foundress of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity.



Today I’m going to put on your shoes, with all due respect.

papabonitos-1From October 7, 1950, Mother Teresa of Calcutta began to care for the sick with the permission of the Holy See through the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity. Founded by her in person.

Build a path to God by a shortcut, serving the sick, helpless, those who nobody wants for fear of getting sick, to get dirty, not to endure so much hardship and calamity.

Thousands of people were taken care of by hands that did not hide in their pockets, thousands of people found help at that moment “God is in the feet that run to help others”, that it matters what religion you are, it really has interest that color of skin, put the bread in your mouth. For a long time Mother Teresa was accused of taking advantage of the charity of the donors. I wonder who wants money? I would like to pay to wash the wounds, work for 50 years until the end.

As always, a job well done gets dirty easily, however there should be no civil or ecclesiastical work to solve social problems, where the government should take the initiative.
Improvement is indispensable and immutable shame. All we can do is observe the actions that are carried out by those people willing to change the world with their own hands.

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Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.