The way to God is for the brave.

The way to God is for the brave.

There are many paths and possibilities in this life, good decisions and bad ones too. What does all this lead us to? How can we please God without falling into a bad way? Everything seems written, but we need the courage to do new things avoiding sin. Everything that surrounds us is done with an intention and unfortunately, until we know that intention, we can decipher the purpose of that thing. How can we avoid danger without falling into sin? There are a lot of warnings especially in our decisions there is always a voice, intuition or how you want to name it, that advises us things and when we are in trouble he will save us from falling and fail in our lives, leaving well freed of all evil. It is the power of God that shows us his mercy and therefore we must honor him.


There are things that we must reinforce as our faith. There is no other way to save our hearts from suffering than to save him from this world of his deceptions and multiple deceptions. At an hour, let’s think a little. Why do people choose to live without God? What causes so much weight that it seems impossible to perform actions worthy of God? It is difficult to answer a question that can have infinite meanings, with this I mean that each person according to their experience, would respond differently to these issues. While answering the question of difficult solution. I can mention to you that the love of God is present in our lives in mysterious ways and by this, I mean that the love of Jesus Christ is alive in us, it is also dynamic and infinite. Keep alive the hope of living in the great love of our God.

This process can take time to complete, we must avoid having fear of failing God or ourselves, let’s avoid this being a reason for backsliding in our spiritual growth, let’s take the commitment of shared reciprocity with Jesus Christ, we walk through life being responsible for our love with full commitment, the greatest love we can manifest in our lives, after so much lack of love in the world, in people, in all the things that surround us we must do our best for the others, for please God our Lord.

Suffering becomes Joy and love becomes purer, deeper and more natural. There are times in life when we should see what is best for us, it is not an easy task, most of the time things change shape and everything becomes more confusing.

However, I can tell you with complete certainty that it is worthwhile to attend to God’s business because your heart will never need love again because in Christ Jesus all love will be found in him.

Amen … I wish you blessings.


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.