Education of The Children

Blessing the path of the children is paramount to their good performance, everything begins in the way we educate them from childhood if we show them the value of respect, truth, joy, honesty. There are many parents who can become desperate for the problems of life and get to the point of becoming too hard with their children, this must be changed immediately. There are many adults who continue to suffer from those words they once heard at home when they were children.

Through God we can reconcile ourselves with our circumstances, leaving our hearts in the hands of Jesus Christ. There will be no more anger or despair. Things will take their cause and most importantly we will create in our children a good environment to develop love, compassion, spiritual and emotional intelligence. Their bases will be on the rock and will support in a better way the complications of life.



Let us bless the way of our children with our good actions, remember that the path can sometimes be more difficult, however, everything is possible if we do it with faith and love in everything we do. The children are the reflection of what we are and if we are in the process of improving, this must be improved in the process and give the best of itself.

One of the many qualities of our Lord Jesus was that he preached by example. In the same way, we can show our children the correct way of doing things. We can see this in nature with animals as it happens when the child is learning from his parents what to eat, how to hunt, what are the dangers, what to do in each case to survive, so knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation. If this happens with animals that act by instinct; how coarse can be the conscious love that we offer our children, we as children of God in the image and likeness of him, how much love we can share.

Therefore we reconcile our path, the way we treat our children and what we say to them will determine the future of them, this being our amendment to teach them the good way, love, as well as learn from them.

Thank you God bless you.


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.