A Poor Man Won The Lottery

This is the story of the poor man who won the lottery, he was so poor that he slept in the streets, he did not know when he would eat again, because sometimes a merchant would give him a plate of hot soup on cold nights, and the gentleman of the coffee I gave him one each day, his life was to hope not to be arrested by the police. Nowadays being a vagabond is almost a crime. The politicians disliked the fact that there were indigents since they gave tourists a bad impression in the city.

Hombre de la calle


The poor man walked through the streets and looked in the garbage baskets for something that would calm the hunger that cold night and he had a day and a half without eating. Usually, when that happened, he slept under the bridge on the corner, and at his feet, he did not have the strength to stand for long. People never saw him in the eyes, could almost pass over him without even looking at him. Much less direct a word.

That night the good man, poor was of birth undoubtedly good by choice, decided to do what possible to find something to eat and suddenly in a bag found fresh food, apparently from the pizzeria across the street. That night he satiated his appetite. And with the full calm, he turned his eyes to heaven, thanked for those foods he had found.

From his heart began to roll a tear, the man wished never to be hungry again, he wanted to change his Circumstances. As he was going to make that happen, he had his family far away, there was no way to see them again. He knew that the illness that afflicted him was also incurable, his eyes began to shed tears. Dropping his battered knees to the floor he exclaimed while his sad eyes saw the sky, “My God forgive me, I do not want to continue living this life without you”. I am tired of wandering sad of not having taken advantage of my blessings, sick of the disdain of my fellow men and I have no one to take care of me at the time of my death. That night was one of the coldest of the year and also the night where a poor man won the lottery because he was heard.

The next morning a hand touched his shoulder, it was his son who had met him when he passed by and could recognize him, the man opened his eyes with disdain, seeing the sweet face of his son who said to him with love, “Papa, Papa” , “wake up”, the man smiled and said he had dreamed of God who had heard his prayer and had warned him that everything was going to change, “I did not want to wake up from that dream”, “exclaimed the poor man”.

The son asked him why he had left for so long, he could not understand how after he had won a lot of money in the lottery, one day he simply disappeared without giving notice. The poor man told him that when he won the lottery, everything started to go wrong, he began to take drugs, drink and do things that he was ashamed to say. He fell further down until he felt the desire to die, he could not forgive what he had done, that is why he ran away from home. The son smiled and said “Dad, we asked God if you were okay”, we asked him to keep you safe, alive, whatever you did and you fixed it with God, “we thought you were dead” and today you I can see again, God has given you a new opportunity to leave the streets and return to your home, where we all await you with joy of living.

That same day the Lord began to recover his strength and to heal, his illness gradually dissipated, while he enjoyed his family and was well with God.

Sometimes there are tests that we have to go through, the means that surround us can make us lose our way, but in the end, we can always count on the immense love of God, who calls us to him.

I wish you blessings.


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.