World Peace

We are human beings who can easily lose control, we are sheep of a flock, we are ephemeral as a flower, we are slaves of technology, addictions, ambition, low instincts and highs too.

Las desiciones del gobierno si afectan a los ciudadanos

We are people with increasingly scattered interests, there is no doubt that if we are part of the universe and it expands as well, human beings are scattered everywhere. There is no collective feeling that lasts.

We have the responsibility to seek peace, the leaders sit in their huge chairs with their huge salaries, not knowing that they are like parents and that before sending their children to fight, they must first be willing to die. At least most of the parents I know would give their lives for their children. It is not about coming and writing in a blog devoid of meaning, it is about generating the collective conscience of world peace, it is about being accurate in something in common.

How many types of war are there? Today, a person’s work is not valued if it does not lower its prices until it is ridiculously impossible to consider it as a business. Certainly, the commercial war is an economic war. There are times when people decide to start making a small change, such as not eating beef or maybe making donations.

I am surprised that rich people do charitable institutions and people easily believe in donating to those who have more than those who do not have, where it is anonymous and your only payment is a sincere smile, a tear, laughter, and gratitude.

It seems incredible the rich spend millions on technology, millions on science, millions on propaganda and millions on gold cars. I have heard of very few who really care about being altruistic and not charging it on their taxes or their image. There are countless wars that we must fight or endure, improve a little today and so we will progressively be in a better world.

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Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.