Man vs technology?

Today we realize that science fiction movies, which we saw when we were children, have become reality in a great majority, and even exceeded expectations. Technology is an ally in search of improving the quality of humans, depending on who finds that need and projects it for what is created.

Debes evoluciona y aprende a ser mejor cada día.You must evolve and learn to be better every d

I remember when cell phones were created and how it seemed unimportant to have a cell phone, can you imagine it now? As we advance in comforts it is harder for us to go back, this is something that applies in many ways of our life, such is the case of people who are rich and then lose everything. Can you imagine ?, although the main topic that I would like to address is how technology, helps us and at the same time affects us.

Today there are machines that far exceed the productivity that a human being can make, little by little people must learn to do more complex functions, the levels of knowledge are increasing. However, something good, is that large companies are looking more emotional or organic intelligence as the main factor to make a recruitment, in the end, a machine can do a better job than a human being, however values, human conscience and attitude to life. They are difficult conditions to program.

There are a lot of films like the ones described here, which have mentioned possible scenarios of how the future, together with the machines, can give us good and risky fruits.

Robots, created to fight wars.

It tells a robot shaped children, programmed to love.

A robot that evolves among robots and makes decisions to safeguard robots and lead them.

This story tells how humanity becomes dependent on machines in the future, which I personally believe is already happening.


While it is true that it is a parallel reality, perhaps unlikely, however, the benefit of the doubt is something we must grant. When technology overcomes obstacles, there will be no more arrests for artificial intelligence.

The human race is the only one that can self-destruct, we are unpredictable and what today seems unimportant to us maybe tomorrow. It is not about being fearful and not allowing progress, it is about progressing as humans individually and not looking for superfluous solutions.

It is time to work in us being better, internally, spiritually and seek the continuous improvement of our thoughts, feelings, and actions for the collective benefit of our human species.

How is the scenario of a working machine vs three employees?

A machine that does not feel pain or fatigue and can work 23 continuous hours with one hour for maintenance and programming.

You would hire three workers with three shifts, a probability that someone will not work due to illness, accidents, human errors, re-jobs, strikes, thefts, little production without supervision. Christmas bonus, holidays, increase request, among other expenses necessary for the three people.

What would you choose? Would you risk buying a machine? Or would you hire the three employees?

Well if you have thought about the benefit of the company and you are on the side of the employer you would probably opt for the machine.

What is the analysis of the three employees? then:

Each employee has:

  • Family, children and some grandparents.
  • House and maintenance (paint, soap, toilet paper).
  • Taxes (payment of taxes that will be converted into later goods for the community).
  • Services (cable, telephone, electricity, water, gas etc.)
  • School (teachers, custodians, psychologists, guards, cafeteria)
  • Transportation (driver, mechanic, manufacturer, and seller)
  • Pantry (the one that accommodates the carts in the supermarket, the one that packs, the self-service cashier, the warehouse clerk, the clerk, the producer, the farmer)
  • Bank (technical, self-service cashier, manager)
  • Entertainment (radio, television, internet)
  • Illness (hospital, insurance, nurses, doctors, administrators, pharmacy, laboratories).

Indirectly the aforementioned people are negatively affected by a machine, by the desire for the performance of an employer, or perhaps why they were not productive until the three workers are indispensable ?. You can imagine it?.

Now we can see both parts and make any decision that will be the last word, however, we can decide how we want the future to be. Our future.

God bless you on your way.

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Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.