Be the Alpha and get what you want.

Talking about the bad is easy for all people, we know that there are a lot of things that make us weak and we keep doing them, we know that one day we will die and we are not happy at least to be alive, we know that there is an infinity of people who die of hunger in the world, and we do not appreciate that we have a plate full of food on the table.


Let’s talk then about the good that happens to us, we have the fortune to exist and we are already winners because we are breathing, we have heard that there are many people who despite about health problem, they have overcome it in a miraculous way and the list It is endless of wonderful events that happen to others, and how they surpass it.

What is the problem then?, Why does it seem that life is a problem?, How do you learn to live better?, All these questions and many others are solved with a simple answer. Stop wanting to control everything! let go, do not keep dragging!

When we believe that everything is going wrong, we realize that there was a change in our lives, and that surely was not entirely beneficial. However, how would we know that something is bad if we do not experience? It is necessary to know the good and the bad and in this way, then we will know, what we want in our life.

I wonder something about you reader, Do you like to read? Do you enjoy it? It does not matter if you read in the bathroom, the room, on the bus, in the square, maybe the park, work or in the kitchen. Transmitting is the best way to connect with others, the truth is that we are not so different from each other, if what is good for some, for others it is not, in essence we are all the same, but the difference of course; is that we think differently.

Everything part of the thought and what we do with that, hence our future is determined, is not the same absolute truth for a young person as for an older adult, because each one will have their own values, principles, and motivations.

Writing for taste seems like what many of us do, but when we get someone to read to us, and in some way encourage a small change, that is motivating and at least in my case it helps me to continue doing it.

If we use thought to attract good things to our life, our thinking will change our environment, you do not need to be wise, to achieve good results you have to do things well, you have to think in the right way and the results will surprise you!.

We should know that although, there are many things that can happen in our life, that we have no explanation for some events, even that the pain is so strong that it hurts to breathe, we will not be here forever and we must live in the present.

To be the Alpha of our lives, the only thing we need is to begin to have a positive thought, to see in the darkness with the eyes of the conscience and to touch the background of the abstract, and subtle with joy, to surround ourselves with elements constructed by our thoughts, things we want to have, desires we let go.

Pain, sadness, and laziness are a choice, we decide to live, we can change the environment from within, repeat this. “change the environment from within” is the truth of life.

Let us support then, what we should support, with style, courage and strength.

I hope you are the good builder of your destiny, blessings for you and yours.


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.