Tips to do good Sales?

The activity of selling making the exchange of material or product from the beginning of civilizations, barters were carried even without currency, a trader could exchange a cloth, skin of an animal for grains or utensils. (2)

How to sell?

Sales techniques were passed from generation to generation as well as commercial routes, among other things, related to sales. As all the activities of our civilization have been evolving and the sales techniques are not the exception until filling out compendiums, courses, scenarios, etc. Which explain how to perform advanced strategies, on the behavior of a prospect (future client) and its administration.

In this last century, sales are becoming more ingenious, competitive, sometimes aggressive and disloyal. It seeks to satisfy a specific market and wants to generate needs for the prospects.

The means to get the product information to customers, has been from touching doors, send letters, publish on radio, television, show-rooms, coupons, contests, signs, posters, cards, subliminal messages, conferences or events of promotion, neuro-linguistic planning, until nowadays to emails, web pages, social networks and their multiple campaigns, SEO positioning, videos, etc.

Good selling habits are to search for organic customers and in some way to predict their need, any company satisfies a need with their materials, products or services.

Some important sales tips would be:

Customers not only look for a good product or services, but they also seek to make a connection (click), a link of trust with the right person, even if the purchase is one-time or continuous.

An important aspect of any good seller is to know their competence, analyze their strategies and see their weaknesses, with this we could say that this will save a lot of valuable time and resources when it comes to offering a product, so get down to work.

Seek to generate a good image with your prospect, so do not stop doing it. Punctuality in business is extremely important, so you should always take extra minutes to be on time at your appointments, organize from a day before what is necessary to be at the right time, with the tools, resources, etc.

Once you make a closing sale, be sure to analyze your actions and how you can improve for future negotiations, there will always be new possibilities for continuous improvement. It is important that you write down the agreements with your client at the bottom of the letter, make a note, do not forget that you must send in writing a document with the agreements previously offered to your client.

It is important to give continuity to your clients, so when cooking your needs in the previous review, you will know in advance how often they have consumption, what economic capacity, what future possibilities and needs they will have and how to transform these into opportunities that you can capitalize.

Sometimes sales depend on the external market and many factors beyond your reach, it takes time for you and your family, relax and you will be more energetic in the negotiations.

From the first time, you must make clear the form of payment, avoid a future problem. The new sales trends are to position your brand in the prospects and collectively are informed of your product or service, your competitive advantages as well as being close to your client in an active post-sale, generate loyalty and good recommendations. it becomes future sales.

Now social networks, are becoming the main engine in the branding of products.

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Written: Oscar Garibay Guadian

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Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

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