Registrate en Uber / Register in Uber

No more pretexts for additional profits in an honest and constant, I mean the new trend to give a service as a driver to the millions of potential users of Uber, you just need to apply on the official website of Uberclic aquí en la pagina official / click here on the official website. If you have been looking for a way to work independently or complement your work with additional income, surely Uber is for you.

There are four ways to make money with Uber and these are:

1.- Serve as a driving partner using the platform, in which you will receive the services that you must cover in its entirety, users can qualify you, it is extremely important to maintain a good rating, besides you can qualify the users. At the end of the trip you can receive the money electronically in your Uber account or cash payment directly from customers now there is also the option to receive tips, the corresponding payment for services is 75% for you and the other 25% for the Uber platform and charged for each service.

2.- Renting your vehicle to drivers who do not have it, you can ask for reports on the platform and there you will contact the driving partners who need a car. Putting a cost per day for the lease of your unit.

3.- Uber Eats

Serve to deliver meals with your bike or motorcycle to the users, they will select their food and you will go to pick it up at the restaurant affiliated with Uber Eats and from there deliver it to the diner which can also pay you a tip optionally.

4.- Refer your friend’s free trips or invitations to drive, once you have registered on the platform you can find there the option to refer friends obtaining additional earnings.

What minimum requirements does your vehicle need in order to be Uber?

It must not be older than 6 years.
Do not bring decals or commercial emblems.
Good aesthetic condition
Frontal airbags.
Have four doors.
So do not think about it anymore because today technology allows us to make this possible through a medium-cost telephone device, we can have extra income ranging from $ 300 per day up to $ 2000 pesos in Mexico and in dollars approximately $ 60 to $ 250 , this leads us to think that perhaps we are wasting a good opportunity to serve and bring money to the stock market.

What documents do you need to have to be approved ?:

First, you register here, upload your scanned documents to the platform, the most important are: vehicle documents, driver’s license, proof of address, letter of no criminal record (for some states of Mexico). To the platform (you can take pictures if your mobile device has a camera), Once they approve your documents on the platform, they will ask you to submit a training to the nearest office in your city, you will have to give a couple of free trips that You will take advantage to learn how to use the application in real time, once you release that requirement, you will begin to see the fruit of your effort.

The money earned in the application will be deposited to your account and so on, you should take good care of the clients and your way of handling since they can qualify you and this qualification will determine that you continue working.

Currently, there are several dealers that support and give discounts for being an Uber partner, once your process has begun, you can request support to find financing options for your vehicle.

If you have questions, you can send me a message with this link contact @ with pleasure I will attend you.

We will be aware of the new company that competes with Uber and that knocked down the latter in China, I mean Didi Chuxing this company is already working in Mexico in Toluca started its operations hoping to expand throughout Mexico, in the United States is already operating.


Without further ado, I say goodbye, wishing you and your family blessings.


Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.