Method Gabriel


The Gabriel Method is a system,
NEW and revolutionary, WITHOUT DIETS,
to get fit, making your body
want to be thin.

I clearly remember the moment that changed my life forever.
It was in August 2001. I weighed 186 kilos. In the twelve years
previous ones I had gained more than 90 kilos.
I had just taken the Paramus / River Edge exit, on the highway
4, in New Jersey. While I was leaving, an idea hit me
as if it were lightning: “My body wants to be fat and, while
I want to be fat, there’s nothing I can do to
lose weight”. I got to the nearest side street and I stayed
there, sitting in the car.

I could not think of anything else for the next twenty minutes.
Throughout the twelve years in which I gained 90 kilos, I
I tried everything to lose weight, including all diets
and for having, from diets low in fat to low diets in
carbohydrates and everything between the two. I spent time in the
Nathan Pritikin Institute, of California and with the same doctor
Atkins, now deceased, in New York.

I spent more than three thousand dollars with Dr. Atkins and, in the end, The best thing he did was scream at me for being so fat. As well
I spent small fortunes on all conceivable holistic cures
and all alternative health treatments available.
No matter what I did, my body continued to increase
of weight.

All the diets or programs that I undertook were, exactly,
the same model. They started forcing me to tell something
-Calories, fats, carbohydrates, salt, whatever- and they gave me
a list of what he could not eat. I followed the diet at the foot of the
letter. Usually, in the beginning, I lost weight quickly, but
then the rate of weight loss began to slow down.
Finally, I stopped losing weight completely. Come to that point, I was dieting, not to lose weight but simply to
keep what you already had.

All the time, my craving for food that I do not
It was allowed to increase. Discouraged and with the spirit for
floors, there were times when I was too exhausted to continue
fighting against my desires and gave me a tremendous feast.
I recovered in a matter of days the weight that had cost me a month or more losses.

A few weeks later, it invariably weighed
between five and seven kilos more than when starting the diet.
No matter what I did to lose weight, my body struggled
against me tooth and nail, and in the end I always won.
After years of banging my head against the wall and trying to
Forcing me to lose weight, I had to admit that while my body
I would like to be fat, there was nothing to do.

From the moment I realized this, I resigned
forever to dieting. I decided that, instead of forcing myself to lose weight against the will of my body, I would try to find out
why my body wanted to be fat.

So I started the search for real answers. I spent hours
every day learning everything I could from biochemistry, nutrition,
neurobiology, and psychology. In the 1980s I attended
The Wharton School of Business, at the University of Pennsylvania.
While at Wharton, I became very interested in biochemistry and did a whole series of biology courses.

I also did a year of research on the synthesis of cholesterol
with Dr. José Rabinowitz, at the hospital for Veterans
of Philadelphia. This gave me a solid enough foundation in biochemistry
to understand all the current studies on the

I read twenty or thirty research reports a day and then
having read several hundred – maybe a thousand – I did not take long
in becoming an expert in the most advanced research
about the chemistry of obesity and weight loss. As well
I studied meditation, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming,
Psycholinguistics, Thought Field Therapy (TFT are
it’s acronym in English), tai chi, chi kung, and the field of research
of consciousness. I even studied quantum physics. I was convinced
that the answers were somewhere, in space
that separates the mind from the body.

But above all, I began to study my own body. Leave
to see him as the enemy who refused to listen to me. I understood
that the problem was not my body, but that I did not understand
how to make it work From that moment, I started
pay a lot of attention I also stopped imposing myself
him and force him to do something against his will. Conversely,
I dedicated myself to studying it and, as a result, I started
learn from him.

As I was a receptive student, my body became a
very effective teacher. He taught me why I wanted to be fat and what
I would have to do it so that he wanted to be thin.
As soon as I understood that there were reasons for my body
I would like to be fat, I stopped dieting. What was the point, if the
diet was not going to solve the problem? Later I found out that
diets not only do not work but if your body already wants
to be fat, the only thing they will achieve is to make
me fatter.

 Renouncing diets forever was the greatest and liberating thing
I’ve never done He detested dieting. He was so obsessed with food and treating every hunger signal as a battle he had to fight.

I hated to classify each day according to how well I had behaved: “Yes, today I was good!” Or, on a bad day: “Okay, today this is bad because you see
by all. Go to the store and buy all the cakes, cookies,
chocolate biscuits and all the flavors of ice cream.
No, chocolate, no. It has too many calories.

Take that one that has no fats; the vanilla with banana. And since you are, you could also try the passion fruit and the peach. Bah, fuck! Since you’re going to buy all that, you can still buy
Real ice cream, with chocolate, nuts, sponge cake and sweet
milk, in double size.

But do not take only that, because one day is a day and, put to do, you could also buy the other that you long ago you want to try. Diet and binge eating was my way of life, but when I understood the situation, I gave up all that. I abandoned it and I stopped having good days and bad days; I stopped treating every hunger pang like a battle. If he was hungry, he ate, and if he was not hungry, he did not eat. If he wanted something with twice as much as it was,
I took

I would give a bite or two or ten or I would eat it all. As
I no longer kept the account, I did not care. So I started living like this. I began to live as if I were a naturally thin person; I ate what I wanted, whenever I wanted, but with one difference: I made sure to incorporate certain foods that I knew contained the nutrients my body needed, in a way that I could digest and assimilate.

At first, the foods he craved were the same. I was still
taking a lot of junk food as a rebound effect
for denying me so many things, so much time. However,
this changed gradually, and I began to wish not only less
amount of food, but also healthier foods.

Now, if my body is hungry, it has it for some reason. The kind of
foods that my body craves are fresh fruits and rich salads,
full of color The food that I used to see as a task
heavy or a punishment, now I know richer than everything I ate
in my fifteen years of whims and a life of excess, in

My tastes have been completely transformed. most of
what he craved was not really food. It was just sugar
and artificial flavors. Practically, the only thing that got me into the
body was empty calories. That is, in reality, one of the reasons
that I was always hungry was that I was starving
of nutrients.

I was starving my body. How could I not use
what I ate, I was not satisfied and I kept feeling
hungry. As much as I ate, my body did not receive nutrition,
because in what I ate, there was nothing to nourish it.
Imagine that you only feed a baby with soda.

This is what I think when I think about that period of my life.
The baby needed breast milk and I queued it. What other
What could I do but cry and cry? I had to do something. Had
to ask for more than what I was giving him; It was his only option.
Although I weighed more than one hundred and eighty kilos and although there were days when I ingested more than five thousand calories, in spite of everything
Nutritionally speaking, I was dying of hunger.

My body was in a perpetual hunger mode, despite a
seemingly infinite supply of food empty of nutrients, and
despite carrying reserve food, in the form of fats, in excess,
enough to last me the next three lives.

And it was not just my body that went hungry. I killed
hungry all aspects of my life. I was undergoing
a famine mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I did not listen
I did not follow what my heart told me. He lived according to
a preconceived idea of how it was supposed to be my

My heart told me to follow a direction entirely
different, and I did not listen to it. On the contrary, constantly
I tried to protect myself against all the changes that the heart
he asked me to do it. As a result, my soul was dying
of hunger, because I deprived myself of the experiences that the soul I wanted to have in this life.

I spent all my time working inside a building,
in New York City, when what I wanted was
be in the midst of a clean nature and without spoiling. I was
stuck in an office, from nine to five, five days
a week and, for most of the day, I only saw the fluorescent light, smelled industrial carpets and heard the same beeps, rings, and harangues of sale that I had been hearing, every day, from
fifteen years ago. I was not starving for lack of nutrients,
I died for lack of life.

Deep in my heart, I wanted to be somewhere else.
But what could he do? I won two or three more times, like
broker, than in anything else that could do.

I was locked up in my
life and I were not going to be able to free myself easily.
But, finally, when I started listening carefully to my
body, I was able to hear my heart. For the first time, I could hear
that my heart told me that I was drowning. But how
I had no plan in mind, the only thing I could do was listen
and dream.

Although I did not have the courage or the strength to change it, my
life was destined to change radically.
One month after having understood it, it was foreseen that
will fly to San Francisco for what could end up being one of
the most important business meetings of my life. I was going to
meet with a major brokerage company to
discuss the possibility that they bought the company that I had
built. It was a day that could change my life for
always. The meeting contained the potential to convert all my
dreams into reality.

Whenever I flew to San Francisco, I chose a direct flight
from Newark airport. However, this time in
In particular, my partner decided to save $ 150 and bought me a
ticket on a cheaper flight, but much more uncomfortable, than
He left the airport in the afternoon from La Guardia, in New York.
I was not exactly enthusiastic about the idea of having to endure
two hours of traffic to get to La Guardia, spend $ 300
in parking and endure a two-hour wait in Cincinnati
just to save 150 dollars. Normally, I would have taken
measures, but something told me to let it be, and
That is what I did.

In the end, I did not catch that flight, because they closed the
airport on September 11, 2001, so I never flew to San
Francisco for that business meeting. But the flight that, at
At first, I had the intention to catch it was 93 United Airlines,
already in the air when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center. The passengers on flight 93 had time to find out.
They had time to call their spouses, from their
mobile phones, to tell them how much they loved them and how important
that they were for them, before taking control of the situation and
force the hijackers to crash the plane in a field of

There were no survivors. If I had taken flight 93, I would have left behind a body of 180 kilos, after having spent my entire adult life in some offices, under fluorescent lights that devitalized me and wilted, while I heard the same beeps, rings and sales harangues.

That would have been my fate, but by the grace of God, I was offered
a second chance. Two weeks later, I arrived
to my office, willing to live a great day, ready to embrace,
really, my life and make the most of it … to find me
with which my company had closed.

The brokerage firm that carried all our accounts
had sunk due to the violent reaction of the markets
stock market triggered by 9/11. They had lost 80 million
dollars overnight. As a result, our assets
and those of our clients had been frozen. Not an only client could transfer money from their account or do the deepest part of my heart.

I bought two one-way tickets to eastern Australia for my wife and me. It was our dream for a long time and, finally, I was willing to start living it with nothing but faith and the desire to follow the dictates of my heart.

That night I came home with two great news for me
wife. One was that I had been left without work, and the other that
We were moving to Australia within six months. Two weeks
Later, she had news for me. I was pregnant
of our first child.

Six months later we were on a plane, on our way to Australia.
We had no idea what we were going to do the rest of
our life, and we did not care. I had faith that they were
guiding and that, as long as I obeyed what my heart told me,
I would be in the way I had to be. To this day,
I keep listening to my heart and obeying its dictates.
For me, transforming my body represented, to a large extent,
transform my life

But there were other issues that I had to address. He was under enormous stress and, as you will see later, certain types of stress can trick the body into wanting to be fat and activate what I call the «FAT Programs [fatness]». He also suffered from a condition I call “emotional obesity,” which occurs when someone feels more secure if he is fat. I had to face many different problems.

In the next few pages I will explain the many different reasons
that our body wants to be fat. Most of the
that you read this book you will only have to concentrate on one or two
problems. You just have to understand them, and then learn to make them front and eliminate them.

The whole process can be very easy and, after reading this book, you will know exactly what to do. But, for the moment, the only thing you need to understand is that if you have to lose more than about five kilos and you do not get it, it’s because your body has a reason to hold on to that extra weight.

Your body wants to be fat and, while that is the
case, fighting against him will not help.
The body has all the tricks. Control your metabolism,
so even if you think you can control the amount of
food that you put into the body, he controls how much energy he will burn and how much will it store. The body can make you so
tired that you do not have the energy to exercise, even if
you just hired the best monitor in the world .

Also your body has the final word on what it will do
with any food you put into it. You can choose to store
everything you want in your fat cells. You can choose
store it in your fat cells instead of providing energy
to your muscles. Also, when the body needs energy
and you do not give him enough food, he can burn muscle instead
of fat.

The body is the boss. Controls all the metabolism of
fat, as well as many of the other survival functions
basic, in a tiny area at the base of the brain: the
«Animal brain». This zone determines how much sleep you need,
how much air you need and how fat or thin you should be. Yes
you need more sleep, it will make you feel tired. If you need
more oxygen, will make you want to breathe faster.

And if you need more fat, it will make you hungry. It’s that easy. Try holding your breath for a while and you will soon see how the urge to breathe is irresistible. And that’s the way it should be! Breathing keeps you alive! The body’s fat storage mechanism works exactly the same.

While your body is convinced that keeping you fat is keeping you safe, the urge to eat junk food will be equally irresistible. The fat ones have always been accused of being weak, lazy and indulging every whim; Not only has the general public, but also the dominant healthcare sector. I know that every time I went into a doctor’s office, I would get that “Oh, look at that guy who does not take care of himself” look.
Nothing was further from the truth, but I received the look …

Imagine someone telling you that your problem is that you sleep
too much and you should only sleep two hours a day. And that
everyone in society and in your environment will judge you for being weak and
lazy because you slept so much. You could sleep two hours each
night, for a while, but sooner or later you would need a
long sleep – a “binge of sleep” – because your body will need it,
regardless of what society tells you.

You can reduce what you eat and force you to eat less during
some time, but sooner or later you will need to give yourself a “binge”.
It’s like this because your body forces you to eat more to keep you
in a certain weight.

One of the things that I have been trying to achieve is a
official apology from the medical community for their support of the
habitual stereotypes, according to which fat people lack
self-discipline Fortunately, I have observed that the situation is
getting better. Now there are many doctors and health professionals
smart people who understand the real reason that
so many people are obese, but there is still a long way to go
To go.

The widespread opinion among the medical profession
It remains that losing weight is simply a matter of
calories that go in and calories that go out, and that fat people must
«Simply, eat less». To those who think like that, I say:
“Simply, breathe less” or “Simply, sleep less.”
Only after thinking about the impossibility of obeying
these orders, they will know exactly what it is to fight against obesity.

There is no way that anyone, whether a doctor or not, can
get to imagine what it is to be in a body that forces you to be
fat and eat too much, unless they’ve been through it.
That said, the most advanced current research confirms
that losing weight is not just a matter of “the calories that go into
and the calories that come out, “and that has nothing to do with

Dr. Jeffrey M. Friedman, the “father of fat”, that discovered the hormone leptin and that is, without discussion, the
most important and best informed expert on obesity in
the twenty-first century says that we have to stop blaming people
fat and that “you can not blame obesity on a failure of the

1 Thank you, Dr. Friedman! Please spread the word.
So, the first step is to understand that it is not about
willpower, and accept it. Instead of trying in vain
against the overwhelming instinct of the “animal brain” to keep us
alive, all you have to do is understand why
our body wants to be fat and then eliminate
those reasons. Eliminate the reasons that your body wants to be
fat and will want to be slim … naturally.

The truth is that your body does not want to be fat to make you
hurt or punish you. The only reason that your body is fat
right now is that, for some reason, he thinks he does it for you
all right. But as soon as you identify the problems and start to make them front, everything changes.

You can know immediately when the body has stopped
want to be fat. You will not be so hungry and you will not think so much
in the food. You will have more energy and enthusiasm, and you will no longer be in war with your body.

Maybe it will not be seen immediately on the outside, but you’ll know right away that something has changed inside. Your relationship with the Food will change, and your relationship with your body will change. Your body it will no longer be dedicated to undermining your efforts.
Once you eliminate the reasons that your body wants to be
fat, will also change your relationship with the exercise.

In these moments you may think that you hate to exercise; I do not blame you. There is a very real reason that you dislike exercise: your body. He does not want you to exercise, because if you do it, you will lose weight.

As long as your body wants to be fat, it will not want you to be active
and burn calories, because that will only make it harder for you
keep in weight.

Your body makes you tired and lethargic so that even
Thinking about exercising causes you pain. It is not a coincidence;
it is something that your body does with all the intention so that
remain sedentary.

However, once you eliminate the reasons that make
your body needs to be fat, it will want to be active again. He
exercise will no longer be a tough task and the activity can reach
become one of your greatest joys.

I repeat, although it may not be seen immediately: it’s just a matter
of time you start losing all that weight. You will know that
the change has already taken place inside you, and that is only a matter
of time for everyone else to see it abroad.
I knew more than two years before the others what was
happening inside my body.

He did not talk much about it, but
I knew what was happening. Maybe I was out there in a body of
one hundred and eighty kilos, but in my head I had the image of a
teenager who weighed eighty kilos. From that moment,
it was a certainty.

The most amazing thing of all was that, the more weight he lost,
faster I lost it. I discovered that there is a reason for this. He
body has absolute control over how fast you burn
fats If you want to be thinner, it will burn fat very fast
and easily. This is the biggest difference between my method and a
diet: the thinner my body wanted to be, the faster
I lost weight.

All diets start the same way. At first
you lose weight very quickly, but then that weight loss
It gets slower Finally, you stop losing weight completely,
just to start recovering it a little later.

At first I did not lose weight quickly: I lost it slowly.
I lost eleven kilos in the first six months. That represents
a little less than half a kilo a week. For someone
who weighed one hundred and eighty kilos, was not any record.
But then, instead of going more slowly, I started losing weight
faster. I lost another sixty-eight kilos at a rate of almost
one kilo per week, and I lost about ten more at a rate of one
kilo and a half per week.

The last ten kilos – the weight that most people say
that is impossible to lose- I lost them at a rate of more than two
kilos per week. Five times faster than the first ten.
Not only was it possible to lose those last kilos, they actually vanished
flying. Simply, my body could not stand
have not a gram of fat on top He got rid of every gram of
those last kilos that were left. I saw again all the
muscles of my abdomen, which was something I had dreamed about, but I had not been able to do since I was a child.

Moreover, it showed almost no signs of having been pathologically
obese. My skin became tense and firm. This fact continues
bewildering doctors and laymen alike.
I did not have to do much to get it, and you will not either
to do it. It was not an effort.

Actually, there are only three things that I did from the first day:
1. I never let a day pass without making sure that I had
given my body the nutrition I needed, in a way
I could digest it and assimilate it. I concentrated on
add what was missing.

2. I spent at least a little time each day practicing
some techniques that I developed to deal with the causes
mental and emotional aspects of obesity.

3. Every night, when I went to sleep, I visualized my ideal body,
exactly with the look and feel that I wanted that
had In the end, that vision came true.

He also used meditation in many other ways.
For example, in May of 2003 I participated in a loss contest
of weight of twelve weeks. By then, I had already lost
about fifty kilos and I calculated that, since I was losing
weight so quickly, could still enter a competition.
I wanted something that would help accelerate my weight loss, as well
that I created a visualization technique to kill my craving for

Actually, I did not win the competition, but the visualization technique
It proved to be very effective. I have continued to use it, and
I have never had cravings for sugar again.

Everything else came quite by itself.
What if I started eating less? Of course, yes! But it was
because I was not so hungry anymore. What if I started eating
healthier? Without a doubt! But it was because I started having
desire for healthier food. What if I did exercise? Can
bet yes! And I enjoyed every minute. It’s what my
body wanted me to do. But do not worry; in this book
I will never ask you to force yourself to exercise or force yourself
to do nothing.

I will only ask you to do three things:
1. Do not spend a single day without adding the nutrients from the
that your body feels hungry.

2. Listen to my night viewing CD2, or go through what
minus ten minutes a day practicing visualization techniques
of which I speak in this book.

3. Listen to your heart and your body.
If you are willing to do three things, I would like to invite you
to accompany me in what can be one of the most
of your life, endowed with the potential not only to transform
your body, but to transform all aspects of your life that you want.

Jon Gabriel
1. See J. Bonner, “Jeffrey Friedman, discoverer of leptin, receives Gairdner
Passano Award », The Rockefeller University Office of Communications and
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2. Please go to to see instructions on how to order or download the The Gabriel Method Evening CD


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