Day of the Dead | Festivities of the Dead | Mexico | What do we celebrate on November 1 and 2?| Coco Movie

Day of the Dead | Festivities of the Dead | Mexico | What do we celebrate on November 1 and 2?| Coco Movie

The Day of the Dead is a celebration that dates back thousands of years ago, in pre-Columbian times when the first nomadic civilizations crossed the Beringia Strait. It has been a celebration held by various cultures and tribes such as the Mexicas, Mayas, Purépechas, Totonacs, and Aztecs. Currently, in Mexico, it is one of the most important and expected celebrations throughout the year, where all those who went ahead on the road are celebrated.


For some it is a way to face something that all humans have in common, regardless of all the differences that we can invent, to feel superior to others, death is a symbol that reminds us that nothing lasts forever, everything that we surrounds is temporary, whatever our religious or non-religious beliefs, our culture, our ideas there is an inescapable truth; We are human and we have a determined time of life, what we do with that time is our responsibility.

The Day of the Dead is an event that is celebrated, to pay homage in those days to our loved ones who are no longer with us. We can imagine our ancestors when they saw no more their loved ones, their beliefs became truths that mitigated the pain, as we do now.


It is then a celebration to reconsider and realize that year after year, the clock does not stop, that day by day we walk towards our destination, reflect then how we want that time that remains, we want it to be good, excellent or the best taken advantage

We lose many years of youth, to realize that life is a moment and that what was once very important in the end is no longer so.


Remember those who are no longer with us, with respect, with appreciation, with a joy of the good moments lived.


Let’s discover the great person that is inside of us because behind who we believe we are, there is a true beauty.


Love is an instant, let’s live it! doing the best we can always.


Beauty is relative to the viewer, let’s stop naming things and observe with the heart.


what for are altars dead?

According to the tradition in Mexico every year the dead take a trip to visit the living and are greeted with festivities, food, and elements that will allow the spirit of the family member, to undertake the long road back to their place of rest.

What do the offerings mean?

  • The first level of the altar means The earth, where the offerings are deposited as food and drinks that the spirits of the relatives can taste.
  • The second level of the altar means The limbo the place between the living and the dead, there goes the photo and belongings of the deceased.
  • The third level of the altar means: It is heaven there is placed images of deities in which the deceased believed, according to their religion.
  • Candles or candles.- On an altar, four candles are placed in the shape of a cross or placed at each cardinal point according to pre-Hispanic culture to orient the souls and illuminate the path of the deceased.
  • Chopped paper.- There are many designs of paper cut and all are very original and colorful, it is important that you buy the orange color that shows the pre-Hispanic mourning.
  • The chopped paper .- serves so that the spirits can reach the altar pushed by the wind; with this paper, the altar is lined, and placed on the door or hung from wall to wall. It is said that when the paper moves, it is that a soul is passing through it.
    Flowers.- Cloud flower, velvet flower and the cempasúchil or cempasúchil that means flower of more than 20 petals in the Nahuatl language, this one is used in the altar because it is the reflection of the color of the sun or the Aztec god. In addition, all the flowers adorn with their beauty and aroma the place where the altar is placed.
  • A cross of ashes. – That it serves for when the soul reaches the altar and can expiate its pending faults.
  • Jug of water.- It serves so that the deceased can wet dry lips, and refresh themselves while they are purified.
  • Food.- They are all those foods that were the favorite of the deceased, they can be placed in clay pots as our ancestors did.
  • Bread of the dead.- The tradition that is made for these dates and is made with flour and eggs, is usually accompanied by the coffee pot, chocolate or atole.
  • Sal.- Serves for children (means to purify the soul).
  • Incense.- It serves to purify the environment, according to our ancestors the incense cleanses and drives away evil spirits.
  • Skulls of sweet or alfeniques.- It is made with sugar, boiled water, and lemon, On the forehead, they carry the name of the person dedicated.
  • Skulls and skeletons remind us that death is part of the cycle of life and that we can play with it.
  • For the altar of children. – It is important to put toys and sweets in the offering.
  • For the altar of adults. – You can put drinks such as tequila, mezcal or pulque or some other liqueur or wine of the deceased’s preference as well as cigars, a container to wash with a towel, as well as the most precious belongings of the deceased.
  • So that the dead do not get lost on their way. – In the house, they put lanterns or stars with light that will guide them until the entrance of their old home.
    In some houses, it is customary to place around the door an arch with flowers that symbolizes the door of the beyond.
    To get to the altar, petals of the cempasuchil flower should be placed to form a path, and the dead are guided by the dazzling yellow color.
    Do not forget to place some chairs and a mat for the deceased to rest from the crossing; It is also good to sit around the altar to live with them. Show them that they are still here and that we have not forgotten them.

A legend that dates from pre-Hispanic times where it is said that a macehual child did not have to offer his relatives and went out to look for sweets and food for the offering, that’s why the children asked for something candies like in the Halloween.

I recommend this movie and if you’ve seen it, it’s good to see it again, it has many good messages.

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Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

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