What did many religions lack to be perfect? | Sin must exist! A minute of silence for the victims of ignorance What the teacher Jesus meant.

The following article deals with religious issues in some cases contradictory to our society, discretion and tolerance are recommended.

Not everything we see around us is real, there are many things that are changing daily, with a purpose. Improve until we accept and then start again.


What did many religions lack to be perfect?
We are human beings, through history have passed many generations, from the beginning of time until now, nothing new can arise from ignorance more than the abomination of intellectual, physical and spiritual sedentary.

When we hear the words in the Bible and we are analyzing the stories of characters who were living problems like the ones we now have, they had errors and these are set as examples for the readers. When we see the cruelty with which life was taken from Jesus Christ, for political and religious reasons.

Some people do not know about Jesus Christ, some deny their existence. However, humanity has enough stories to tell, great mistakes we have made, injustices and mistakes in favor of “evolution”.

We like to think that time does not pass, that things will remain forever as we know them, for those who suffer they want things to change as soon as possible. Every human being that has stepped on the earth has had the opportunity to develop, however, it is not always the best host world since people have decided to see outside instead of inside.

So I start the first of the theories that I will call:

  • Theory of acceptance: This theory encourages us to free our emotional impulses, let nature be formed in us. The price is undoubtedly raised our interior to levels of maximum happiness, fullness and above all inner peace.

While the only crime that some religions have done is stop the mental, physical and spiritual evolution. I explain more in detail.

  • Mental: every human being has desires of knowledge, it is necessary to worry that every mind is always nourished by knowledge.
  • Physical: Everything we consider sin is no more than a call from our body for a greater purpose, the pursuit of pleasure is as normal as death is to all of us, the fullness of our desires is derived in my second theory and this is:


  •          Theory of continuous flow: As we satisfy a physical appetite no matter what it was, we begin to evolve to perfection because our mind no longer remains stagnant in the no action and continues to evolve, the tendencies usually return to a state of origin and harmony with our environment, this brings us the latest theory:


  •          Theory of emotional liberation: If we release the burden, of not doing things! We start by doing them consciously, we do not hold floodgates that only increase the pressure and distort reality in unconscious frenzies. When we arrive at a natural state we will understand why the animals do not attack each other among their own species, just for pleasure. And we experience personal and human growth.
  • Spiritual: Whatever religion you practice, or if you do not practice it. You can have your doubts about whether there is the spiritual because those of us who believe in the spiritual difficult to transcend and put examples of divinity. This is because there are many distractions at the end of the day and we realize that they are forms, that God is present. Let’s accept what we are and when we are ready we will know, in any way we are always connected with God. Although we do not know it yet.

Sin must exist!

That’s right, sins are the mistakes of those who decided to live in a different way, to be happier. Sometimes nothing is wrong if the angle is right to observe.

A minute of silence for the victims of ignorance.

There are millions of people who have been massacred because of ignorance, those people suffered because of unconsciousness and with all my heart they were honored here and now, Peace be with you now, I love you …

What the teacher Jesus meant.

To love ourselves is to accept ourselves, to accept ourselves is to accept others, to accept others is to accept God.

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Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.