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Nowadays, the benefits of meditation have spread throughout the hemisphere with the arrival of this practice, and it has already had great acceptance, being adopted as a way of living, with multiple benefits that allow us to find ourselves, in a lucid state of consciousness. the world around us.

This means that meditation allows us to be more focused during the day, calmer, more peaceful, improve our blood circulation, relax our body, our muscles, studies show that extends the life of those who practice it, allows to mitigate depression, decreases daily stress, promotes oxygenation of the brain, allows us to stay calm to make better decisions, helps us to connect with our interior, with our emotions, eliminate the negative content that we collect daily by our senses, improve body energy, recent studies say that meditating extends the life of molecules by avoiding carcinogenic processes, through meditation our being finds a channel to establish contact with the divine, among other multiple benefits.

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Why is meditating important? life today is increasingly accelerated and we are one step away from derailing our emotions, in outbursts of anxiety and anger, which come to deteriorate our quality of life, so it is recommended that we perform breathing exercises to keep calm .

Once I heard one of those stories, in which some students in a monastery were meditating in a wrong way, playing and their teacher approached with a serious face and asked all the students to bring a glass of water that night, they were curious and came to think that the teacher would impose a severe punishment, for his lack.

When the night came, all the disciples carried the water in crystal glasses as the teacher had requested, once they were all together, the teacher asked that each one touch the glass with a stick and added that they should pay attention to the sound that this glass emitted, to which the sound was grotesque and lacking in grace.

The students still did not understand the teacher’s teaching. When he finished touching the glass, the teacher asked to throw water and that afterward, they tried to hit the glass with the stick while it was empty, the result was a delicately fine sound, pleasant to the ear.

The teacher replied that just like the glass, the minds of all the students should be emptied, find the balance between harmony and power to sound fine and pleasantly.

The types of meditation are:

  • Sufi Meditation: It is based on positive thoughts of love, to activate the heart chakra.
  • Chakra Meditation: Its focus is the meditation to activate the chakras and their multiple benefits.
  • Vipassana Meditation: It is based on the meditation of oneself, to mitigate negative emotions.
  • Buddhist Meditation: Focuses on the present only.
  • Transcendental Meditation: Does not belong to any religion and is based on repeating mantras of power.
  • Zazen Meditation: It is based on experiencing the emptiness of our mind.
  • Kabbalah Meditation: Refers to a religion that focuses on connecting with God.
  • Mantra Meditation: Through chants, the individual finds the perfection of consciousness in himself.
  • Dzogchen Meditation: Your focus is natural meditation, just breathe conscious, be.

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Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

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