How to remove stains from clothes| Spotting white clothes | Eliminates stains on clothes at home

All at some time in our lives we have suffered accidents with clothing, we have stained and we do not know how to recover that garment, although we have the help of the dry cleaning service, it is worth knowing ways to solve the problem at home. That is why today I gave myself the task of writing about home tips to remove stains on our clothes, I would like this article to be of your liking and usefulness.

Method for washing clothes at home:

The first thing we must do to wash all the clothes is to separate it before putting it in the washing machine, this separation must be:

  • By color: white clothes on one side and the other, colored clothes (black, red, blue, etc.)
  • Type of fabric: It is important to separate fabrics so that your clothes always look like new, for example, most wool or yarn loose fibers that can stick to other fabrics and look like fluff, giving the appearance of old clothes or very used. If you already have lint your clothes should be combed with brushes anti-lint and take care of the separation by the type of fabric on. In addition, garments such as jeans are thick and rough, it is recommended to put aside so as not to wear delicate items, such as silk.
  • Stained clothing: All garments that have stains must have a deep cleaning process, before entering them into the washing machine.

Then you should treat the clothes that have stains, there are several home tips that are very useful, in addition, you can use the products for washing of your preference, then natural products to remove stains.

  • White vinegar: Without mistreating the fibers of the clothes, it is recommended that it be applied on the area to be stained for 15 minutes, carving a bit on the stain and then putting it in the washing machine in normal cycles.
  • Oxygenated water: The same used to sterilize wounds, is infallible to remove difficult spots such as blood, wine, car oil, beets, among others. It is recommended to apply the product and carve gently with a dry cloth to clean the excess oxygenated water on the stain, you can see how the stains will come out between the effervescence, then apply liquid soap on the stain and put to wash, you will be surprised by the results.
  • Lemon juice and a little sun: A very natural remedy is to apply the lemon juice on the stain on the clothes, leave for a couple of hours in the sun and finally put the clothes to be washed in a conventional way, with your laundry detergent habit.
  • Bicarbonate and oxygenated water: If you encounter a difficult stain, this combination is the solution, the procedure is to apply the bicarbonate on the wet cloth to be stained, rub with a clean cloth and apply oxygenated water,  leave soaking the clothes for 15 minutes in drinking water and finally put it in normal washing, with detergents of your choice.

I hope you find these tips useful, wishing you success in your projects, do not forget to add me and share.

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Written by Oscar Garibay Guadian

Working opened to the soul and to the world. Trabajando Abierto a mi alma y al Mundo.